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Emergency Response & Disaster Relief Tanks

Disaster Relief Tanks

The emergency response tanks by Fire Suppression Tank are durable and portable for use in disaster relief efforts. In addition to firefighting water storage, in a natural disaster, these water storage tanks can be made with potable safe liners to provide clean drinking water during natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, and floods.

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Other Applications

Firefighting and Emergency Relief Water Tanks

Fire Suppression Tank Fire Suppression Tanks are ideal water storage solutions for emergency response and disaster relief situations. Manufactured with quick set up and mobility in mind, Onion Tanks, Frame Tanks, and Water Trailers are capable of either holding water for use or delivering water on-demand to stop brush fires, maintain prescribed burns, stop wildfires, and bring other emergency situations under control.

These water storage tanks can be used for other applications such as dust suppression, drinking water storage, decontamination showers, hazardous material containment, and other liquid containment.

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Emergency Tank Products

onion tank

Onion Tanks

onion tanks are a self-rising, quick-fill solution for emergency water storage. The flexible design of Onion Tanks makes them an ideal portable solution and offer easy storage.

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frame tank

Frame Tanks

The perfect auxillary water storage option for firefighting, Frame Tanks fold open for quick deployment and can be manifolded together to expand available water reserves.

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water trailer

Water Trailers

Wherever you go, Water Trailers follow in tow. With every tool included or built onto the trailer, these water trailers provide water storage and dispensing in any navigable location.

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