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Fire Water Storage Tanks


Fast Facts about Water Tanks

Many of our water storage tanks are NFPA, FDA, NSF and AWWA compliant. Ask us about our materials, liners and accessories.

Did you know corrugated tanks can be constructed for dual-use domestic and fire water storage?

Open top tanks are rugged, portable tanks used for ground fire-fighting, aerial operations or as a reservoir tank.

Water Storage Tanks for Fire Fighting

We provide a variety of water storage tanks for fire suppression. Whether you are seeking fire suppression tanks for your business in order to meet fire code compliance or you are a fire department that needs portable water storage for rural firefighting, we have a water storage tank to meet your needs.

When the demand for fire water exceeds the available municipal water supply, fire water storage tanks are critical during an emergency. Corrugated steel tanks are popular in commercial, industrial and medical settings for new construction, fire suppression sprinklers or a backup water supply for firefighters from the tank's hydrant outlet. Open top onion tanks, folding frame tanks, and water trailers are rugged, portable water storage options that firefighters can easily use in remote areas prone to wildfires or during prescribed burns.

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Corrugated Tank

Corrugated Tanks

NFPA compliant, corrugated steel tanks are a durable option for fire protection water storage.

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Fiberglass Tank

Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass tanks resist corrosion and withstand extreme temperatures above or below ground.

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Frame Tank

Frame Tanks

Folding frame tanks offer collapsible water storage for emergency relief or fire fighting water.

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Onion Tank

Onion Tanks

Collapsible onion tanks or pumpkin tanks are durable and self-rising for convenient water storage.

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Poly Tank

Poly Tanks

Plastic water storage tanks are a versatile solution for outdoor potable water or fire water storage.

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Water Trailer

Water Trailers

Mobile water tank systems include water trailers and spray equipment great for dust and fire suppression.

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Water Skids

Water Skids

Among the water storage solutions offered by Fire Suppression Tank are the Skid Power Sprayer and Skid Water Trailer.

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