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Argo Water Skids


Among the water storage solutions offered by GEI Works are the Argo Skid Power Sprayer and Argo Skid Water Trailer. Instead of a trailer mounting, they are secured to a channel iron frame and are transportable in the bed of a truck, ATV, or another transportation unit. Argo Water Skids are available in a 500-gallon capacity, although 50 and 100-gallon options are available for smaller utility vehicles.

Each trailer is equipped with a spray bar, fire hose, suction hose, and a 2” Tsurumi pump using a Honda engine.

Common applications for water skids are:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Tree Watering Applications
  • Crop Irrigation
  • Livestock Spraying
  • Pesticide Control and Application
  • Dust Suppression
  • Grass Fire Extinguising
  • De-icing
  • Fertilizing


The Argo Water Skid by GEI Works is a simple, rugged, reliable, and durable multi-purpose liquid storage transport and the polyethylene material used can be optimized for different chemicals or for potable and non-potable water. Typical skid sprayers feature a pump offering 7.4 gpm, although different power ranges are available and are customizable in a range from 4 to 20 gpm and up to 590 PSI.

Each water containment skid assembly comes with the following components built into or onto the tank:

  • 500 gallon capacity
  • Polyethylene Resin Material
  • 2” Tsurumi Pump with Honda Engine
  • Suction Fire Hose
  • Spray Hose
  • Spray Bar

500 gallon Water Skid
Technical Specifications

Part Number



6" Channel Iron

Empty Weight

805 lbs







GEI Works also provides 50 and 100 gallon Argo Skid Sprayers for smaller utility vehicles. These fit securely in UTVs and can provide quick watering for landscaping and fields and these skids come equipped with:

  • 50 or 100-gallon Polyethylene Tank
  • Steel Frame
  • Flojet Quad Pump (offering four GPM at 50 PSI)
  • 25’ Hose and Hose Wrap
  • Hypro Trigger Gun
  • Attachable Flat Fold Boom

Common applications for utility vehicle skids are:

  • Turf Watering
  • Golf Course Watering
  • Small Vegetation Irrigation
  • De-icing
  • Landscaping
  • Small-scale Dust and Fire Suppression


Utility Vehicle Sprayer
Technical Specifications

Part Number



100-gallon skid sprayer with Flojet Quad pump
Hypro manual dual control
Hypro gun
25' spray hose and hose wrap


50-gallon skid sprayer with Flojet Quad pump
Hypro manual dual control
Hypro gun 25' spray hose and hose wrap

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Emergency response

Where the Argo Water Trailer cannot go, our water skids will be there to offer you the convenience you need for your project. The firefighting industry requires a variety of bulk water storage needs, from fighting brush fires to fire suppression on farms or even rural firefighting and sometimes conventional options do not fully solve the problem. One of our many answers to this is the Argo Water Skid, as wherever your truck or vehicle can go, the water skid can come along with it.

Each Water Skid can be loaded into or onto the bed of a vehicle and brought to a location for on-demand fire mitigation, in addition to the convenience of being operable by one person. Like the Argo Water Trailer, it has a streamlined design giving you every item you need to fight fires, including a 500 gallon capacity (or 50 to 100 gallon for smaller suppression needs), 2” Tsurumi Pump with a Honda engine, suction hose for fire fighting, spray hose, and a spray bar.

Water skids are also UV stabilized and can be optimized for the transport of potable drinking water, making them an ideal solution for disaster relief. With similar capabilities as Argo Water Trailers, they are capable of delivering clean drinking water to more inaccessible regions following any form of disaster and providing quick distribution to areas in need.

For information about our Argo Water Trailers, visit our water trailer overview page.

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