Argo Water Trailers for Emergency Response and Fire Suppression

Argo Fire Fighting Trailers (also known as buffalo tanks, water buffalo tank trailers and portable water tanks) by GEI Works are an excellent water storage solution for emergency response. Within the industry of firefighting, the Argo fire trailer excels with smaller brush fires and can serve as auxiliary support to other water containment options, such as frame tanks or onion tanks.

Argo Emergency Response Trailers

All Argo water trailers can be transported to the site of the fire by truck or any other vehicle capable of towing and then set up by one or more people. The streamlined design of Argo fire fighting trailers has every item you may need to fight fires, including the poly tank (capacities in 500, 1000, and 1600 gallons), fire hose and nozzle, spray bar, lockable storage box, water pump with a four HP Honda engine, DOT approved brakes, and LED brake lights.

Outdoor conditions can often be tough, and as a result not every water containment solution is up to the task. These fire fighting trailers are specifically designed to tackle most every challenge with its rugged and dependable tank and reinforced trailer mounting. An easy to use fire hose with mounting valves on either side of the trailer, three pumping methods (manual fill, drawing water through the quick-fill fitting, or drawing water through the pump), wide coverage through the rear spray nozzles, and precision valve utilization, the fire trailer from GEI Works can adapt to nearly any firefighting or emergency response and relief efforts.

The poly tanks used in Argo Water Trailers are UV stabilized and equipped to transport potable drinking water, which makes these buffalo tanks invaluable following a natural disaster where clean water is in short supply. Using the low volume water garden hose bibb, the poly tank trailer can distribute potable water to those in need over a short time frame, or with the high volume fire hose and nozzle the portable water tank can be used to fill larger poly, frame, onion, or other water containment options.

To learn more about Argo Water Trailers, visit our Water Trailer Overview or our Water Trailer Specifications page.

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