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Protect Water Systems from the Impact of Forest Fires

Minimize the impact of forest fires on the downstream rivers, lakes, and reservoirs with Turbidity Curtain by Fire Suppression Tank. Wildfire runoff from rainstorms can overwhelm water systems with char, floating debris, and sediment laden water that disrupt and damage the area's ecosystems. Turbidity curtain (also called turbidity barrier) contains both floating and suspended contaminants.

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Turbidity Curtain for Sale by Fire Suppression Tank

Turbidity barrier is critical for helping to prevent wildfire runoff's impact and for staying compliant with clean water regulations. They are available in a variety of options (link to comparison chart pdf) to fit specific environmental conditions, including:

Type 1 Turbidity Curtain
Designed for use in calm water areas with little to no current. Type 1 Turbidity Curtain* is available in several styles, including: Economy Grade, DOT Grade, Contractor Grade, and Geo Curtain.

Type 2 Turbidity Curtain
Built specifically for conditions with moving water, currents (up to 1 knot) or tides, waves up to two feet, moderate wind. Type 2 Turbidity Curtain* is available in DOT grade, HD ((Heavy Duty) Grade, Geo Curtain, and Permeable Grade floating barrier models.

Type 3 Turbidity Curtain
Made to withstand rigorous conditions, Type 3 Turbidity Curtain* are designed to provide reliable turbidity protection in fast water (up to 1.5 knots), waves, and demanding conditions. They are available in DOT grade (permeable), HD (Heavy Duty) grade, and HD DOT grade.

See our Turbidity Barrier Comparison Chart for more details.

*Custom solutions are also available.

Call us or fill out a request form, and we can help you decide the appropriate style, model, and installation plan for your location. Our knowledgeable staff and engineers are available to assist you.

How Turbidity Barrier Works

In its simplest terms, turbidity can be defined as suspended particles that affect water clarity. Turbidity is measured by how many sediment and pollutant particles are contained within a water sample. The heavier the concentration of particles, the bigger the impact the turbidity has on the environment. Heavily turbid waters not only impact water quality for human use and consumption, but also contribute to algae blooms and fish-kill, along with damaging other aquatic life.

Turbidity curtain is most effective when placed strategically and installed per manufacturer recommendations. Curtain placement is key in ensuring that a sufficient containment area is created that allows appropriate settling time for suspended particles. The suggested curtain depth is (installed) within no less than 1 foot of the watershed's floor. Proper anchoring (on-land and in-water) will also determine the success of your project and protect your turbidity barrier for long-term use. See the Turbidity Curtain Installation Instructions for more information.

Floating Debris Barrier for Sale

In some circumstances, the water pollutants are not suspended beneath (or within) the water, but instead are floating on the surface. In these cases, Floating Debris Barrier (also known as Debris Boom), manufactured by and for sale by Fire Suppression Tank, is the answer. It will create a containment area for floating contaminants and debris, and prevent them from moving downstream.

For additional suggestions for minimizing the impact of forest fire and managinge wildfire runoff, please see:

Do you have questions about the impact of forest fire? Contact Fire Suppression Tank at 1-863-270-8118 for answers!